Message from the Chairman

Bombay First has come a long way since its inception and we are now proud to have been able to truly create a public-private partnership for major urban regeneration of the city. While a lot has been done, much still needs to be done. When we started our work five years ago we were under no illusion that our task was going to be easy – we now know exactly what the challenges and opportunities are.

We are facing urban issues unprecedented in history. Before very long 50% of the world’s population will be living in urban cities, and Mumbai will be no exception. Are we geared to meet this challenge ?

Bombay First will continue to act as a powerful think tank to influence policy making in a positive way and will continue to work tirelessly to push through some of the bold steps that must be taken. We are committed to the regeneration of Mumbai’s economic and social infrastructure in order to make it a globally competitive city : and we believe in innovation through urbanization to achieve our goal of making it a truly world-class city. However, to achieve this goal we need the support and involvement of all stakeholders.

Please join us in helping make Mumbai the city that we want it to be.

Narinder Nayar
Chairman, Bombay First