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congratulatory Notes    

From Chief Superintendent Andy Rowsell & Rob J Kennet of Metropolitan Police, London

Hostage Negosiation And Crisis Management Course For Mumbai Police

It was a great privilege to be invited to Mumbai to deliver the training with Rob and I am delighted that the programme was received so well by the Indian Authorities, and by the Officers themselves. It goes with out saying that I would be very happy to assist with your future programme, in whatever way I can.

Thank you again for all that you did for us, and I wish you, the Mumbai Police and Mumbai First every success in your future ventures.

Words can't convey the deep sense of gratitude I have for all of your tireless work behind the scenes. I sincerely pray that this programme is the first on the pathway to greater co-operation between Mumbai and London and I am confident that with your powers of negotiation and persuasion the future will be bright. 
Dr Robert J Kennett MBE
Strategic Training Manager
Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit

Congratulation to you and all the others who helped to make Vision Mumbai a successful meeting at the Shayadri on 4th March.

It was held at an opportune time when some ideas could perhaps be taken into consideration further planning. The timing was just right. I trust you are considering to give us a written “proceedings of the meeting” so that things just do not remain oral and Surbana and MTSU have our comments in original for whatever they are worth of consideration in further planning.

In the attached note I have given my comments from the environment and health viewpoint.

Once again, an excellent meeting.

Mr. Soli Arceivala, Former Chief Environmental Health UN/WHO, SE Asia

Dr. Armin Bruck, Managing Director, Siemens Ltd.

It was a pleasure being there, as already mentioned, it was amongst the best events since length, congratulations to you and your team! We will definitely continue our work providing top notch technology to make the vision of Mumbai become reality, you can personally count on me supporting you in that matter, I am a Mumbaikar! All the best.

Armin Bruck.

Ms. Valsa Nair Singh, Secretary, Environment, GoM

My pleasure. It is a subject with my heart on it and was a very good experience and speakers of high expertise.

Valsa Singh.

Ms. Isabelle Milbert, Professor Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva

“I am now back in Geneva and back to work at the Institute, and I would like to tell you how grateful for your invitation last Friday. I have been delighted by the high quality of the intellectual and human exchange during the Conference, and it seems to me that such a high level debate can really help Mumbai progress rapidly and get a clearer vision of its future”.

Mr. Hubert Nove-Josserand, Operations Adviser for India, The World Bank

“We thank you to have associated us with this very interesting conference on the future development of Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the 40-Year Plan for the Region. We wish great success to this development”.

Message from Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Prithviraj Chavan March 3rd, 2011
Congratulatory note from Canadian Consul General  

Thank you very much for arranging for the discussion with your team and the senior defence visitors last week. I know how much they enjoyed the frank and open approach you all took, and they evidently left Mumbai with a greater sense of the opportunities – and challenges – the city faces.

As you will have seen they were mostly officers and officials who would expect to move to top positions in their countries’ armed forces, so I hope in the longer-term the visit here will have underlined to them the importance Mumbai holds.
In the shorter term they certainly learnt a lot about the way your organisation is working with the Government.
I had no idea so many of your top team were going to give up the time to meet the visitors. Please could you also pass on my thanks to them for contributing to a stimulating discussion.

From.......Peter Beckingham | British Deputy High Commissioner | British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai