Twin Seoul stage sixth stage as "awakening" is

Faced with separation in the fourth stage of the real thing [3500 yen Free appraisal] to psychics of to get way



twin soul of the stage, again staring at myself in between the fifth stage you are at a distance, It was the period that aims to spiritual awakening to enhance their own. The period to forgive all people around not only the opponent, by pouring the unconditional love, will occur resonance of the soul.


through the process, it will be able to proceed to the sixth stage, which is the next stage. At this stage, abandoning completely the ego that has been caught until now, we can rise to a higher stage as a person.


not for yourself, think about what can be done to a person without asking for return, and accept my appearance of truth, the body and mind come full of energy entering a spiritual awakening you will see. If it is possible to proceed


to this stage, finished the time of the separation, which have endured long, you can proceed to the final stage.


In the spiritual


this stage that the love of


? unconditional when fully welcome the awakening poured into all of the people, throw away all the ego that has been cultivated from the experience and knowledge of the past, the soul is the spirit awake we will continue to manner. Then, it is no longer possible to think about the things in the profit and loss, it becomes so pour unconditional love to all people.


there is, there is no ego, such as it is to think well to people of the twin soul and ambient. For all of the events that occur in their own, accepted and it has become as much as possible, and forgiveness, and you can have the love.


This is, I understand that God is an event that brought will lead to accept everything.


? everything accept the neutral the


accept everything, and so be left only to the nature brought about by God, to put on their own Not upset things Rusubete, will be accepted in neutral. It painful that had escaped until now, face to the wall even without avoid, you it is no longer afraid to let yourself sense of God and the universe.


That's why, the unconditional love not to seek the return will be able to shoot around. Love to be a neutral will become a wholly thing, if you can raise yourself up there, you'll be able to cause the resonance of the twin soul you are away soon. When


been released from the ego come to
this stage to become easier, it was hard until now disappear, you will feel like a contented been freed from ego. Then, you'll notice that he disappear drag on until now are accustomed comfortably. This is the spiritual awakening in the true sense of the word.


enhance their own, if it is possible to impart to the surrounding aware of unconditional love, reunion of the twin soul is waiting immediately in there.