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twin Seoul and soulmate of difference
twin Seoul and meet it is the relationship between the miracle
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spiritual world, it will be used the word twin Seoul well. In general, to you might be familiar is deeper of the word soul mate, might some people believe that twin soul and the soul mate synonymous.


However, the twin soul and soul mate there is a clear difference. Twin Seoul and is originally one of the soul, is what became a two divided its soul. In other words, the twin soul is his counterpart, you can also say that another one of their own.


The reason why it was necessary to split into two the soul, when the soul is aim to improve and enhance life in the afterlife, and when imposed challenges to learn about love, that more is better to split into two the theory that it is possible to learn is a strong.


Twin Seoul and here in the
difference of soul mate, we will look at the difference between easily confused twin soul and soul mate.
? soul of halves and soul mate


twin soul is the form of one of the soul has become another human being divided into two, you can be said that the soul of the halves. On the other hand and the soul mate, originally many times in the past life what was another soul chance meeting, I relationships that have each other attracted. In other words, it is why there is a big difference at the soul level.


? relationship of the difference


twin Seoul, because I always was originally one of the soul, the connection is very strong. The soul that is divided into two intense inquiries, and trying to be one. The movement is intense, it's also affecting the surrounding and the environment at the time. In addition, to become able to see one side of myself that I did not know until now to the other, sometimes painful at the time.


On the other hand, soulmate while are two of another soul, it is what was in the deep relationship in a previous life. Even in past lives each other attracted by the soul, we have been growing each other polish each other. Therefore, to be with soul mate can spend a peaceful time, it referred to as get used to feeling filled. Since


? meet probability


twin Seoul is the counterpart of my soul, the other party does not exist only one person. It has also been that not necessarily meet in this world. After the soul is divided into two, my twin soul even live in this world we might live in the afterlife. Even though living in the same this world, environment and age, a pattern such as my country is different from many, the probability that meet seems small.


On the other hand, soul mate appears to turning point of the person's life, even the role is called has been determined to some extent. In addition, because it is a soul mate is there some rather than one person, the probability that the encounter in this world is becoming higher.


that meets the twin soul is out with a twin Seoul and this world which can be called a miracle
another one of their own Thing is almost close to a miracle to meet. Opponent to is only one person, it does not necessarily also necessarily appear in the vicinity of their own in this world. Instead, because when I met miraculously will inquiries seeking to become one with each other, you might notice quickly is the presence of the twin soul.