Twin can not marry in Seoul, also to walk a separate life

The relationship between the twin soul is the real fate of the other party to attract method



to get [3500 yen Free appraisal] to psychics do not necessarily only necessarily tied in this world.


of course, because it makes sense to meet the miraculous in this world, be reunited eventually visited by a temporary separation, it is also often leads to marriage. However it is not one that is determined, to increase their own to each other, is what visit the reunion at the timing of the growth of the soul.


However, the two people is not enough to reunite through the separation, it will also present the case to walk a different life. This is, the opponent does not mean not a twin soul, but we should think and did not meet the elements of the order to be connected in this world. In addition, in order to twin soul is really one, must overcome considerable ordeal. If you can not clear it, it reaches the intact separation without Soitogeru a life in marriage. In


twin Seoul


twin Seoul not the best to be tied why
? 2 people are not tied can not, which is also tied as I met to enhance the soul case, 2 people be tied will be considered to be made as the decision to God and not the best. Not expected to improve each other by being together, if you can not go towards the real happiness, fate it would tear the twin soul.


? in in order to become and are


twin Seoul and one that too look for the other party, discard the self-centered thoughts and concepts through several stages, it will need to give unconditional love. Therefore, you can rely on the other party even if much each other attract each other strongly, such as or hope the completion of the place which is not enough of their own, two people and are seeking a partner to selfishness will be forced walked a different way . The part that I do not want to see


? Since


twin Seoul has separated originally one of soul that quagmire look at, it says that is the presence, such as there mirror in another one of their own. For this reason, you may see sometimes myself that I did not want to see the other party. In addition, since it often is that he has the opposite part, also exist cases that lead to a quagmire no longer bear to see that part.


Once you experience a separation without lead to marriage with people who seem a
if twin Seoul consider and a was the trial to enhance the soul, you will taste the pain, such as the time is torn soul. In addition to enhance the soul because it is also a work of witnessing the trauma of scratches and this world that was carrying in a previous life, it might be painful.


to such thoughts, all is the ordeal of to hone the soul. This after going through the ordeal is, will that you are even if the soul is closer to the high-dimensional as there was a separation of the twin soul, to grow larger to human.