MMR Concept Plan

Bombay First in association with Mumbai Transformation Support Unit conceptualized a ‘MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) concept plan’ on how and what the city should be like in 2050 with a focus on greater Mumbai that is the MMR region.


Comprehensive Inclusive planning addressing all concerns of society and involvement of citizens in the process was the principle focus of the plan. The plan encompassed areas up to Virar, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Khopoli and Alibaug in the MMR region and included visualization of the region with new economic centres including key infrastructure projects through sequencing of public investment and private partnership, land use and transportation. The plan envisions MMR in 2050 as a slum free region with quality based social amenities, open spaces and waterfronts.


Protection of existing heritage assets and upgrading climate – change and environmental concerns were also dovetailed into the concept plan. After a very stiff competition a private professional company specializing in large-scale planning issues was selected to formulate a detailed MMR plan on technical and financial parameters so that planning and projections could start in right earnest.


Proposed MMR Transformation Programme