About Us

"Colaba to Chembur in 25 minutes flat",
"A Refreshing walk on the streets of Mumbai"
"A Slum free Mumbai by 2030"
"24/7 water supply"
"Fully literate Mumbai"
Skeptical??? You won’t be for long!

These are some of the challenges identified by Bombay First and we have established a successful Public Private Partnership to make this a reality.

Bombay First was established in 1995 with the vision of improving the quality of life of the citizens of Mumbai. It is dedicated to enhancing the economic and social infrastructure of Mumbai and making it a globally competitive, world class city. It was originally modeled on London First and what started as an initiative by a few concerned founder members has now become a movement dedicated to the regeneration of Mumbai.

Bombay First works hand in hand with corporates, individuals, NGOs and government bodies, making it one of the most successful Public Private Partnerships in India. It was felt that for the city to truly improve, we the citizens of the city, must have some stake and interest in the process. Bombay First aims to mobilize various sectors of society, combat lassitude, and encourage active involvement at all levels, from the civic authorities to local area groups, in order to reclaim our city and make it a world class environment for people to live, work and invest in.

While a lot has been done, much still needs to be done and Bombay First continues to foster several initiatives to transform Mumbai.