CAG Committee

As part of a wider strategy to involve the people of Mumbai in the city’s fortunes and future, the Government of Maharashtra adopted Bombay First’s recommendation to form a Citizens’ Action Group to serve as a liaison between the stakeholders of the city. The CAG members meet the Chief Minister regularly. The last CAG meeting was held on 24th November, 2009 in which 'MMR Concept Plan' and 'Way Ahead' was presented and discussed.

Members :

  • Mr. Narinder Nayar – Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Gerson da Cunha
  • Mr. Nana Chudasma
  • Mr. Iqbal Chagla
  • Mr. B. G. Deshmukh
  • Mr. Subhash Dandekar
  • Ms. Sharada Dwivedi
  • Mr. Jamshyd Godrej
  • Ms. Lalita Gupte
  • Dr. Ashok Ganguli
  • Mr. A. Jockin
  • Mrs. Sangita Jindal
  • Mr. Anand Jain
  • Mr. F. T. Khorakiwala
  • Mr. Ranjan Kapur
  • Mr. Anand Mahindra
  • Mr. Vijay Meghani
  • Capt. C. P. Krishnan Nair
  • Mr. Deepak Parekh
  • Mr. V. S. Palekar
  • Mr. Alyque Padamsee
  • Mr. Ranjit Pandit
  • Mr. Nanik Rupani
  • Mr. Minoo Shroff
  • Mr. Raj Shroff
  • Mr. Noel Tata
  • Mr. Sam Variava

We sincerely regret and mourn the sad demise of Dr. Homi N. Sethana, who was a member of CAG Committee